Songsta is all about the songwriting - trying to give full voice to every song by finding the right combination of singers and musicians from the pool of talented musicians I am fortunate to be able to create with. There is no band or touring, although the occasional gig does pop up here and there. It's about working the studio as the instrument for my songs and bringing them to their full potential.

Many songs on this site are highly produced. Others are in raw demo form. For everything you can listen to on this site, there's another couple waiting their turn to be produced and still more waiting to be created. By and large the work you hear is written, recorded, produced and mixed by Songsta, although there have been some fine collaborations along the way. There are many excellent musicians who have brought these songs to life and to them I am eternally grateful for helping me realise my creative vision. You can see them credited in the jukeboxes when you select a song

There are CDs available and more to come. Bluesta will be released mid 2015. There's a few more random tracks in produciton that will appear on this site as they become available. If you like what you hear, you can support a completely independent artist by purchasing my music. If you want to stray in touch with what's happening in Songsta world, you can follow me on Facebook soundcloud youtube linked in

  • Sampla CD

    Click to listen to Sampla. Purchase from CD Baby or purchase from iTunes

    The Sampla CD features the songs; Live Love, C U Feel U Want U, Come On Come On, Get Rich Quick, Natural Thing,Sweet Surrender, Beat Me, I Love You So Much It Hurts, Who Is Responsible? Swing, From My Window, Turn The Page, Sleep, Mary's Gone Out To Lunch and Deja Vu.

  • Groovsta CD

    Click to listen to Groovsta. Purchase individual songs or the Groovsta CD from CD Baby or iTunes

    The Groovsta CD features the songs; Be The Jones, She Moves Me, Possessed, Cool Beer, Get Rich Quick, Put You In A Song, Natural Thing, Beat Me, Criminal, Who Is Responsible, Midnight Mood, Come On Come On and Showtime

  • Jazzsta CD

    Click to listen to Jazzsta. Purchase from CD Baby or purchase from iTunes

    The Jazzsta CD features the songs; Swing, Song For Maggie, We Met By Chance, Interference, Dirty, Dreams, 3x3, Cool Beer, and bonus live tracks Swing (original recording) and A Dream Romance (live recording).

  • Bluesta CD

    Click to listen to Bluesta. The songs for this CD are mostly recorded and mixed. After mastering, the CD will be released in mid 2015