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Sampla is the first release in the Songsta series and features songs taken from all the Songsta styles. It is a taster for some of the music you might hear on any one of the featured CDs or playlists and is a good place to start listening to the Songsta sound. A close listening of 'Sampla' quickly reveals a great diversity, depth, thoughtfulness and artistry within this body of music that is as engaging on the first hearing as the one hundredth.




The Sampla CD was released in 2007 and features a different line-up on every song. The musicians chosen to record were picked specifically for what their talent could bring to that particular track, especially with the vocalists. There are also the Songsta regular collaborators including drummers Marty Jones and Andy Byrnes, Lionel Robinson on pianos and keys, Rob Sullivan on guitars and Robin Grille on percussion.