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Mixcha is a collection of all the other stuff. Rocksta, Funsta, Rasta, instrumeenstals and more. Rocksta features songs influenced by bands from the 60s through to today where heavy guitars, attitude and jamming musos are let loose to rock. Funsta features parodies and other humorous songs. Rasta is where you hear some reggae and instrumenstals are just what they say



There's a different line-up to hear on nearly every track on this page. Renditions of Rocksta songs can be heard from all-girl band Pash perfroming Sweet Surrender through to Australia's answer to Crosby Stills and Nash (Corinne Gibbons with brothers Andy& Patty O'Donnell) singing Deja Vu. Piano Band is a parody of Billy Joel's classic 'Piano Man' and follows the not-so-glamorous night of a solo musician stuck in a go-nowhere gig, playing all the family-favourite tunes to his drunken audience. It features brilliant performances by Tug Dumbly (vocals and desperation), Shannon Connor (Harmonica - Dylan style) and Steve Lalor (mandolin butchery). Cool Beer is a rewrite of an early song from the Jazzsta collection with a more summery upbeat take on drinking beer. This version also appears on the Groovsta CD.