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Through the blues, I got the funk. You can look up funk in the dictionary and get some pretty interesting definitions but none of them explains the feeling - sexy, dirty, sassy, seductive, funkin groovey. If anyone asks what type of bass player I am, I say I'm a groove player. I'll play any style, so long as it's got a deep groove that I can slot into.

Groovsta is steeped in the traditions of roots music with a down-home sound combining the classic ingredients of funky rhythms, soulful singing and cooking musicians.



The Groovsta CD was released in 2010 and Groovsta has been gigging as a band since 2009. The core line-up is a cooking 3-piece consisting of Steve Groovsta Marquis on guitar and vocals, Marty Jones on drums and vocals and Lucas Hendriks on bass and vocals. The band extends with a variety of guests on keyboards, percussion, horns, guitars and guest vocalists.