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This is where you get to know my sensitive, new age meaningful male side. The Acousta collection is reflective, personal, work, usually inspired by beauty in all it's forms. I look for beauty in the ordinary, in the things that surround us everyday if we only stop a moment to breathe in and take that look. These are often story songs, taken from memories and thoughts, real and imagined.

These recordings range from simple productions with guitar and voice to lush arrangements that will transport you to far away places.




Thanks especially to all the beautiful vocalists who have given the breath of life to these tracks. David Nduwimanu (Liberty), Corinne Gibbons (Turn The Page), Gabby Di Nallo (From My Window) and Andy O'Donnell (Mary's Gone Out To Lunch, Carry Me).

There is no Acousta CD yet although many tracks are in pre-production. Some of these can be downloaded for free from the jukebox